What we can work for you as registered- realter in the business field of real estates in Japan.


Dear Sirs,

Thank you for visiting my web-site, and I’m pleased to introduce hereunder the outline of my business of real estate(不動産=Fudosan) with governor licensed realter in Japan for 35 years carrier.


NameThe Nakamura Trading Co.

Address 2-546-123 Shikishima-Cho Nara City,631-0031

                                Nara Pref. Japan

Representative: Yoshiaki Nakamura ( 中村義昭 ), call me “ Yoshi “

Carrier of real estate jobs(不動産歴Fudosan) 35years

Establishment:Dec.1, l992 in Osaka city as export/import trader for

                  Far East Asia ,USA and South America(Chili).

Real Estate Broker license : Obtained in Nov. 1987 by governor of Nara Pref.

              and joined in the business of national real estate in Japan.

Real Estate dealing license(宅建士) : Nov.30,1987, I have obtained a license by governor of Nara Pref .Japan and started to join in the business member of Nara pref. Real Estate organization under the branch office of All Japan Real Estate organization for purchase and selling the homes, lands, building new and used for a realter agent.


Fields of business: 

Middle man jobs as realter of used villas, private house, an apartment and lands for the country living(田舎暮らし) in Japan, between seller and buyers such as, for those an office worker before a retiring age, independent businessman and manager  of corporation company ,doctor, store owners, lawyer, accountant and wealthy class people.


Distribution method of sale:

a)By internet advertising via national major internet web-site contributors (abt.1.75millions properties) specialized in real estate property.

b)Through our website of latest fresh 物件(handsome articles)  by editting photos taken in good angle  of camera-shot .

c) Handbill fold in newspaper,. and posting in by hand.

d) To sell and buy in collaboration or work share with the associates of our All Japan Real Estate Society member and friends.


・What I can do for you (The scope of our work):

To find a Japanese honest sellers who is interested in finding investor from overseas area. To give him necessary information about target item, on behalf of you. To take him your city to preview item and discuss details for conclusion the contract and payment. To take care, after sale to make him satisfied, by proper management with your service to recruit continuous tenants of item, repair as needed and remodel to maintain better condition, and to supply him proper advice for tax-reduction strategy which.is proposed in time by you and me in Japan.


・Application form of purchase the property :

Please see paper attached below showing necessary factors to start real estate business with you which will be written by our Japanese customer after several interviews to explain him all outline of transfer of ownership in your country. 

 Thank you for your kind attention,

Faithfully Yours,    

The Nakamura Trading Co.

Yoshi Nakamura, Representative






To: The Nakamura Trading Co.   ( Buyer name and address)


                                               name:                     seal (押印)


I, hereby will apply to purchase the following real estate, offered by you, with the terms & condition written below.                            ( valid until date:            )  

                                                    ※exchange rate \・・・・・=US$

1.Purchase price: .                                                      US$ /  \



2. Payment:

・Bank loan                                                           US$ /  \

       ・Name of bank/branch:


  ・Cash:                                                              US$ /  \

・ US$

     ・ \ (Japanese yen)

3.Date of purchase contract:                        



  ・place (address, city, country):

      ・necessary items/amount to present to the escrow:

       ・In case of bank loan payment:


       ・In case of cash payment:


4) Date of payment/amount:


       ・Amount:                                                         US$ /  \






                      -- Summary of Real Estate Property --